BLOG // Meet Our Ambassadors – Jeff & Marscia Fleagle

This blog post was published on Reliv International’s blog on June 14, 2013

Four years ago, Marscia Fleagle was suffering from acid reflux, chronic yeast, joint problems and her hair was falling out. Her 14 hour days on the pool deck as a swim coach were becoming taxing, and she was also busy in her 21st year of home educating her 10 children.

When she saw her friend Margaret Nafziger had been using Reliv products and that her family was seeing positive results, she tried it for herself. In three days, she was already beginning to feel better. “I had a sense of wellness I hadn’t had in probably 15 years,” she says.

Although Jeff was skeptical, he decided to try Reliv after learning of their sister-in-law’s health issues. Since Jeff was on board, Marscia knew her family could begin investing in the company. All their children (including six medical professionals) have become believers in Reliv, too.

Marscia was hesitant to start a business because of her busy schedule, but has found it rewarding. She has been able to help children she coaches with her Reliv recommendations, including one child with eczema and one who had needed five medications. “I just see people who are hurting,” she says. “I just can’t keep my mouth quiet about it.”

Her experience with Reliv has dramatically changed her family, too. Her son Josh needed shock therapy and to ice his muscles after his swim meets, but after using Reliv has been able to train harder with less pain than before. “I wouldn’t give them anything but the best,” she says. When her son Jason visited Reliv headquarters in St. Louis, he was happy to find that the company had the same values as the Fleagles. “Now there isn’t anything holding us back,” Marscia says. “Reliv is truth and you need to get that truth out there.”

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