PODCAST // SO IT’S A SHOW ep. 7: Wonder if the Waltons ever did this

SO IT’S A SHOW is a biweekly podcast I co-host. In each episode, we examine a new pop culture reference in an episode of Gilmore Girls. This episode was published. Mar. 10, 2017.


“Goodnight, John-boy!” “Goodnight, Rory!”

Kyla and Taylor are talking about how The Waltons (the ‘71-81 TV show) compare to the Gilmores, including family dynamics and a curiously similar house. But you know who are cooler than the Waltons and Gilmores combined? Our grandmas! We talk to them about whether or not the Waltons got the Great Depression right and how Kyla’s ancestors may or may not have killed Isadora Duncan. (Seriously.)

BONUS: 2 new Easter eggs for A Year in the Life!


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