PODCAST // SO IT’S A SHOW ep. 9: You wanted to marry Errol Flynn

SO IT’S A SHOW is a biweekly podcast I co-host. In each episode, we examine a new pop culture reference in an episode of Gilmore Girls. This episode was published. Apr. 7, 2017.


Swoon or run away? That would be an important decision if you met Errol Flynn (1909-59). Emily definitely swooned for the actor, but do we? Um, it’s complicated. We get into a discussion of his “wicked, wicked” (his words) life, his roles in The Adventures of Robin Hood (aka when he’s a dashing hero) and Cry Wolf (aka when he’s a super crazy uncle), what makes a swashbuckling action star, and whether we have any of them in Gilmore Girls or today’s movies.

Easter Egg Hunt: Was Michel planning the Dragonfly Inn’s expansion in S6?


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