PODCAST // SO IT’S A SHOW ep. 100: We just had a very All the President’s Men moment. (Journalism Super Ep!)

SO IT’S A SHOW is a biweekly podcast I produce and co-host. In each episode, we examine a pop culture reference from an episode of Gilmore Girls. This episode was published April 16, 2021.

Welcome to our 100th episode! In honor of this huge milestone, we’re learning about Rory’s journalism heroes. Who learned about boxing by hopping in the ring? Who followed the Hell’s Angels? Who followed English soccer hooligans? Who survived 4 months in a Nazi prison? Who was killed in action while reporting? We talk about the reporters who inspire Rory to take a literal leap of faith, and then we dive into the legacy of All the President’s Men, one of the best movies about journalism ever.

Other pop culture we ref: Jack Kerouac, The Rolling Stones, Out of Africa, Marathon Man, Rocky, Taylor Swift, Jojo Rabbit, Ted Lasso, Norman Mailer, Robert Mitchum, Stranger Than Fiction


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