PODCAST // SO IT’S A SHOW ep. 87: There’s a band of Huns re-enacting Top Gun.

SO IT’S A SHOW is a biweekly podcast I produce and co-host. In each episode, we examine a pop culture reference from an episode of Gilmore Girls. This episode was published. Sept. 4, 2020.

We feel the need…the need for beach volleyball! We’re going back to the ‘80s again for a closer look at Top Gun, the fighter jet blockbuster that launched Tom Cruise to stardom. How does this movie compare with the real Top Gun in the Navy? What other pop culture has used this same pop culture ref? Why does all beach volleyball attire seem so uncomfortable? And why doesn’t Paris feel the need for beach volleyball? We do our best to answer all those questions and get the scoop on the long-awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

Other pop culture we ref: The Outsiders, Footloose, Marathon Man, 30 Rock, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hot Shots!, Planes, Independence Day, Pearl Harbor, Hamilton, Transformers, A Few Good Men, Law & Order, Harry Potter, Airplane!, Serena Williams


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