POSTER + BROCHURE // Greater > Than

Designed for the Taylor University Taylor Fund and 2014 senior class council. After several years of absence, Taylor University reintroduced the the practice of senior gifts in 2013. A year later, they were still figuring out how to market an unfamiliar idea to students. The goal of the Taylor Fund and the 2014 class council was participation from half of the graduating class toward a freshman scholarship fund. They focused their efforts on planning a week of social events encouraging donations.

As the Media Intern for the Taylor Fund, it was my job to make a campaign that required a lot of explaining appealing to students. To make sure information was clear, I suggested handing out a folding brochure to supplement traditional poster advertising on campus so seniors could keep the details in a convenient place. The campaign ended up exceeding its goal, with more than half of the senior class donating to the scholarship fund. Skills used: Graphic design, layout, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, marketing.

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